About Us

While studying 'International Fashion Retail', Hannah Fenger had the idea of ​​starting her own fashion label whose products she could wear with a clear conscience. Together with her father, she developed this idea further at the living room table at home in Moers on the beautiful Lower Rhine.

Favorite pieces should emerge,
like her father's cashmere sweater, which her daughter often stole on weekends.

To ensure that you can enjoy such pieces for a long time, only the best is good enough: high-quality materials, loving workmanship and timeless design. To ensure a good feeling, fair production conditions are also very important to both of them.

For this reason, all ANFENGER products are manufactured exclusively in Germany.


But ANFENGER stands for much more.

Just as the two of them were and are ANFENGER when founding a label, as career changers in their mid-50s and young entrepreneurs in their early 20s, ideally we all remain ANFENGER, forever.

Lifelong curiosity, the leap into the unknown and always starting again; That's what life is all about. Set off with the ANFENGER family and be an ANFENGER for life